Every living thing has a special place in my heart. From rescuing animals off a busy highway or re-homing them to a safe environment, this is what I do and who I am.

– Blake Gipson

Sphynx cat sitting, hairless feline, isolated on white.

I’ve been told my passion for pets runs strong in my family lineage, with stories that go back to my great great grandparents. My grandfather would make sure I was with him every morning when he would feed the yard squirrel from his hand. At night we would watch a tarantula cross the front porch. This same spider came to visit us every night at dusk and would crawl up and down my arm, tickling me with it’s hairy body (they are really harmless but alot of people don’t know that. It was the most special thing in the world to me.  My grandmother always had a little dog for me to play with when we visited her and my grandfather in Arkansas during the summer.  My uncle Jay brought my sisters and I a baby skunk that he had de-scented.  We named him Oreo.  My mother raised the old type of Siamese cats until she realized the difficulty of multi-tasking with 4 young children in tow and always getting into things.  We LOVED playing with the baby kittens.  My younger sister Melissa traversed the neighborhood searching for garter snakes all day.  So this is how I grew up.

When I became an adult and finished my military service, I moved into my own place and came across a very new and rare breed of cat called a Sphynx.  These creatures were on display when I attended my first cat show in Boston Massachusetts.  They had just been introduced to the U.S.  30 years later I continue to be active with this breed and was thinking of what I could do to continue my passion not just for Sphynx but for all animals.  Opening up a Pet Market and Spa was a perfect solution and now I get to share my passion with others by having a place where people can come and learn about best nutritional options for their dogs, cats and other small animals.

Please come and visit us at Garden Of The Paws and bring your baby with you.  The environment is one where your spirit of Zen and well-being will be honored.

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